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45808 series, 43 series and 33 series
(Can you tie your cable in a knot and still operate it smoothly?)


Orscheln Cables @ Marine SpecialtiesTo complement our Kobelt push-pull controls, we offer cables manufactured by Orscheln, formerly known as Felsted. These are the only cables recommended by Kobelt for use on their engine controls. Similar to the Morse Red Jacket Supreme, but they have a 3” minimum bend radius instead of Morse’s 4” minimum bend radius, plus, they feature a rod bearing in the end fitting. These cables are highly recommended for use as throttle control cables and gear control cables.


The difference can be experienced during installation and especially when used under a load. Only the small boat, industry standard, 33 series (from 5’ to 35’ in one-foot increments) are kept in stock. Orscheln 43 series and 45808 series must be special ordered and normally takes about 1 week for delivery. The 43 series cables are for longer cable runs or when higher push-pull loads are required. The 45808 cables are pull-pull cables for exclusive use between the master and the remote stations of Kobelt’s 2090 series controls.


We only sell cables with the connection ends made entirely of stainless steel.


Please be aware, Orscheln also manufactures these cables with some end parts made of aluminum or steel for the transportation industry and are not intended for marine use.






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KOBELT » Quality, Durability, Service

Please watch this Kobelt video to get a sense of their commitment to quality, durability and service. It may be a bit old but it is the best thing which we could find to show you their total commitment to their products and the service they provide. More videos are available for viewing on our about Kobelt page. Kobelt has provided us with products of the highest quality and service beyond compare for all the years we have been in business. It is for these reasons that we stand behind their products 100%.


Kobelt also provides parts for all of their products. This is a great benefit to keep your investment going for many years after your purchase. Many of the competitive manufacturers do not provide this type of service and expect you to purchase a new product when just a small part need to be replaced. Providing replacement parts are Kobelt’s commitment to service after the sale.


Please note that the video says that Kobelt’s warranty is 5 years which has now been changed to 2 years. Even though their warranty period has been shortened, it is still considered to be one of the best warranties in the marine industry.

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